History of the Entomological Society of Canada


The Entomological Society of Canada is one of the largest and oldest professional societies in Canada. Founded in Toronto on 16 April 1863, the Society was open to “all students and lovers of Entomology”. The first officers were Prof. H. Croft, President; W. Saunders, Secretary Treasurer; and Rev. J. Hubbert, Curator. The organization flourished as interested collectors of insects showed their acquisitions at meetings, discussed the natural history of their favourite species, exchanged specimens, described and named new species, and started museum collections of Canadian insects.

The Society obtained legal status in 1871 and was incorporated under a new section of the Agricultural Arts Act as “The Entomological Society of Ontario”. The headquarters of this Society was moved to London, Ontario in 1873, and then to Guelph, Ontario in 1906.

The Entomological Society of Canada, as it is known today, was founded by members of the Entomological Society of Ontario on 3 November 1950. The founding officers were W.A. Ross, President; A.W. Baker, Vice President; W.R. Thompson, Editor; R.H. Wigmore, Secretary; A.B. Baird, Treasurer; plus seven Directors. The headquarters of the national Society then moved to Ottawa.

Roles of the Entomological Society of Canada

The Entomological Society of Canada represents hundreds of entomologists from all parts of Canada and around the world. The Society is a dynamic force in promoting research, disseminating knowledge of insects, and encouraging the continued participation of all “students and lovers of Entomology” in the most fascinating of all natural sciences. It is especially well known for its widely distributed and used publications.

The Society also advises government departments and agencies, and publishes briefs to highlight matters of particular interest. In this capacity, the Society has mobilized many of its members to use their skills and expertise to review and advise on a wide variety of entomological problems ranging from crop losses caused by insects and biological surveys of Canadian insects to reports on education and resources for entomology in Canada.

The Society’s activist approach has provided entomologists with a strong and credible voice on entomological research priorities in Canada. The Biological Survey of Canada has become a long-term programme for national coordination of work on the Canadian fauna, and is now jointly administered by the Society and the Canadian Museum of Nature.

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Improving Hotel Customer Service Thru Innovative Technology

The job of providing first-class client service within the hospitality business has changed considerably in the last several years. Discussions between managers and guest visitors which were at one time conducted in-person or perhaps over the telephone now are taking place in social networking channels, like Youtube and Twitter, as well as review websites, such as TripAdvisor, at the same time hotel guests are still on-property.

From an operator’s point of view, this transition in the direction of public, totally open communication carries its pros and cons. If hotel guests are pleased with their experience, their community comments help confirm the effort of the hotel’s staff members and publicize the hotel to new visitors.

In spite of this, if bad reviews are published publically, proprietors are confronted with dealing with the problem immediately and keeping the guests’ allegiance – all as other hotel guests and prospective guests track the discussion in real-time.

Proprietors and owners who choose to deal with visitor problems in private frequently get aggravated with the loss of control they possess over the feedback which is published on the internet. Although their aggravation is needed sometimes, hoteliers ought to see these community forums as chances to “listen” to their hotel guests and get beneficial knowledge on their establishments. Through the use of these types of online sources as unofficial focus groups, proprietors can recognize property places wanting improvement and identify methods to improve the visitor experience.

While creating our internet based hotel management system, we included advanced functions that boosts the daily experience for both proprietors and visitors. To highlight how innRoad helps remove the most frequent concerns voiced by hotel guests, here are types of online visitor feedback, along with remedies supplied by innRoad’s internet based hotel management system.

After an extensive day of traveling, it had taken the front desk representative forever to locate my booking! Not a great beginning to my vacation !
Front desk staff members need to get visitors checked-in and on their way as quickly as possible, however, certain old, slow-operating hotel PMS do not permit a quick and efficient procedure – leading to visitor aggravation at the beginning of their vacation.

innRoad’s internet based hotel property management systems provide a hotel manager that streamlines front desk as well as back office duties. With our innovative systems, common activities such as visitor check-in and booking monitoring are simple and quick, which helps make travel-weary visitors pleased.


Twice throughout my holiday house cleaning forgot to tidy my hotel room! I needed to contact the front desk every time to get new towels. Not acceptable!

For visitors, it’s difficult to know how their hotel room could be neglected by the house cleaning staff. Coming back to an un-tidied hotel room and needing to contact the front desk for help is seen as a significant hassle and might influence their choice to go back to the property in the future.

Detailed reporting is an important attribute of our internet based hotel management system. With a readily available collection of reports, such as house cleaning, bookings, and group administration, staff members may stay organized and minimize chances for errors, such as house cleaning mistakes, that affect the visitor experience.

I was in a hurry to catch my airline flight, so I checked out of my hotel room immediately. However when I examined my bill…. I received all these extra expenses! Not great!

Hotel guests frequently grumble regarding the numerous required taxes and charges which are tacked on their nightly hotel room price. Nevertheless, in which hotel guests get angry should they be erroneously billed for services and amenities they did not actually use.

Easy billing is an important characteristic of our internet based hotel management system’s hotel manager. Front desk reps can gain access to and modify charges for correctness, process bills for group bookings and make sure the correct charges are included before giving the final to the visitor.

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