The Role of Entomology

The term “entomology” means the specific branch of biology which concentrates its main focus on the study of insects, vermin and other species. Consequently, so-called entomologists are students, researchers as well as entomologic scientists who discuss the natural history, the way of living, the characteristics and the general life of their favorite insects. Strictly speaking these people show their individual acquisitions within meetings and share their personal knowledge with their colleagues. Moreover, entomologists do research in this specific branch of biology which means that they describe and name new species, insects and entomological vermin. Most of them are members of the so-called Entomological Society of Canada – an organization which was founded in 1863 in Toronto and became popular in the course of time. Today, this society has legal status and does professional research in its branch.


The Canadian nature is known as a very special habitat for different insects and new species. Consequently, insects do play a very important and essential role in humanity’s daily life. Entomologists concentrate on the nature of interesting insects and species and by doing profound research try to learn more about the world of entomological vermin. Strictly speaking entomologists assist to the general understanding of nature as well as to both the protection and improvement of living quality, health and alimentation.


Fact is that insects, entomological vermin and new species which are unknown so far do play an essential role in both freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems. Insects should be considered as pests. There are lots of insects and new species that are important and absolutely essential for the whole nature. For instance there exist insects which are responsible for pollination. Others, however, feed on a variety of different plant parts – no matter if the respective plant is living or dead. Some insects feed on animals, including other insects too, as so-called predators, parasites or vermin while a number of other insects feed on dung by helping in its decomposition. In this context it should also be mentioned that insects represent essential sources of food – especially for animals such as birds, mammals, and fish.


Yes – insects are useful animals. Because of the fact that they are so multitudinous and are characterized to have diverse lifestyles, insects and new species are often used as useful subjects within the branch of basic research in ecology, genetics, physiology and molecular biology.


When it comes to general information about insects and entomology in Canada it can be mentioned that insects do represent the largest groups of animals all over the world. Because of great work in research entomologists succeeded in naming more than 35,000 different species and insects in whole Canada. Strictly speaking entomologists estimate that there is a variety of so far unknown insects to science.


As already mentioned before, insects should not be considered as pests. Fact is that only 1 per cent of all known and identified insects in Canada are characterized to be pests. Strictly speaking these pest species feed on garden plants, forests as well as clothing. Some of them even feed on humanity.